Is There a “Safe Space” on the Internet?

Today’s entry is about the possibility….or rather, the impossibility of “Safe Spaces” online. I have come to realize that no matter where I write, it’s going to be read by someone. And sometimes those people are going to disagree with your opinion. This is something I struggle to accept. It’s a flaw in my thinking, and I realize that. That doesn’t mean it’s right. I should be able to handle difference of opinion. But sometimes, I feel too strongly to want to listen to others.

So instead, I struggle, and try to find a place where only my opinion counts. Here in this blog, I try my best to be objective. But when I get on to certain subjects, I just can’t be. What I really want to know of those people who disagree with me is if they actually read the blogs they’re arguing against. Granted, I am not saying this happens a lot. Most of the time my opinions and thoughts go unread entirely. But when I get a comment that’s not even on the blog itself, I have to wonder.

So that leads me to this topic of “Safe Spaces” online. I don’t believe there is one. You can friends lock a journal entry on certain sites, but the admins of that site more or less have control of everyone’s journals. So if you’re going to post something outrageous such as anything self-harming yourself, be prepared to face consequences.

If you’re like me, and only want to talk about one particular view of a series or show, then be prepared to either ignore naysayers or defend you position. To be honest, I prefer to avoid conflict. The topics I write about aren’t up for debate. They’re my opinions. So when I get a comment like I did the other day on a certain post, I ignore it for the most part. My opinions are mine. They’re not up for argument. Express your views if you must, but do remember that everyone can see them when you post on a site like Facebook, and it is likely that someone that is not me will argue with you.

I learned something important that day, actually. People are  reading my blog, and they do want to know what I have to say. I wonder  though if the amount of people reading my blog means I have to change how I write. I have already changed my writing style once on here. It is more of an open forum now than it was previously. Topics of all sorts are bound to turn up now.

So while this blog may not be the “safe space” I once thought it was, it is still something I treasure and treat with care because It makes me feel good to get my opinions out there, even if I’m not agreed with most of the time.

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