Drowsy Day

Today is going to be one of those days where I am drowsy and out of it most of the day. I slept very little last night due things I don’t wish to discuss. I finally took a melatonin pill around 2am to force myself to sleep.

I got woken up about four hours later by the cat who demanded her soft food. Fed her and went right back to bed until about 8. That was fine. I didn’t intend to sleep all day today, anyway.

I’m trying to get a hold of Jeanette to see if she wants to try and hang out today. Either at her place or mine. I’m not too picky at this point. Personally? I’d rather go over there. There’s nothing for me here.

Correction. Just heard from her and it looks like I’m going to doing things solo today. Not going to explain because it’s not my place. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit upset about it. But I should see Jeanette on Tuesday if everything goes alright. We’ll find out, and I’ll keep you guys posted.

So my focus today should be finishing my glittery dragon scale “chain mail” headband, trying to get the border of my Thomas Kincade Disney puzzle done, and just relaxing since today is going to be mostly a down day. We’ll see what happens.

Going to get off here, finish the dishes and work on some of that now.  Talk to you guys soon.


The Stomach Bug and Some Thoughts

I lost an entire day on writing and Rainbow Looming yesterday because I had a pretty bad stomach bug. I don’t know if it was a real thing or if my body went into shock from the bad news I’d gotten the night before. Either way, it was pretty awful, and I felt awful.

When I couldn’t sleep last night I started thinking about how I could better the business. The things I came up with were thus:

  • Advertise by wearing. I do this already, but maybe I need to wear more of my newer designs, and less of my older ones.
  • Refresh the shop with fresh designs. Put newer designs in the shop. I will work on this this weekend.
  • Continuously learn new designs and improve upon others.

These are just some of the thoughts that crossed my mind. I am hoping that doing this will help me expand and get some sales finally. I also bought myself a Nook Book on selling on Etsy in hopes that it will give me some guidance in how to do this. I just need to take some time out to read it and not pussy foot around with it if I truly want to succeed.

Anyway, I’m going to head off here now because I have a  few other things I need to catch up on before I leave for my friend’s house. See you guys next entry.

Amazing News Everyone!

After some careful consideration, I have decided to re-open my Etsy shop which sells crafts, but most of all, my Rainbow Loom bracelets and headbands!

This comes after a long talk with my mom, and Jeanette about how I don’t mind making the bracelets, but honestly, i am running out of storage for all of them, and while I’d like to keep some I’ve already given some of them away to friends and family to make room for newer designs. But I also have the desire to sell newer items that I have perfected my progress on.

So I hope you guys will help me get the word out! The name of the shop is Rainbow Bridge Custom Accessories! You can click the link above and it will take you to my shop. All of my designs are color and size customizable! Enjoy them, and come back here and let me know what you think!

Feeling Energetic

So I woke up feeling so energetic this morning. Even though it was only 6:30 EST.  I don’t know why my cat insists on waking me up so early, but today I’m kinda glad she did. I must have slept just the right amount. I can’t check to find out because I forgot to put my FitBit back on after the pool at my neighbor’s last night.

This has had an interesting effect on what I do. I cleaned my bathroom, vacummed both my room and my craft room, and I finished up the dishes. All of this in a span of 2 hours.

I forgot to mention a couple of entries back that I started writing a new, interesting piece that came out of a recurring dream I was having. I won’t give details here, but trust me when I say that I will probably post a snippet in my writing section of the site soon. I am getting a lot of positive feedback from those who have read what I’ve got for now.

Jeanette and her fiance came over again yesterday. We had some fun, listening to different music and looming. I made a new bracelet in the linked closure style. I used solar bands to do it so it changes to purple when it’s in the sun or in bright light outside. It’s so cool looking, and the kid in me loves watching it change into different colors.  I attempted to take pictures of my newest creation, but not sure the solar one came out well enough to post.

Okay, so it did turn out. That’s great! The only thing you don’t see is exactly how purple it gets. I will try and get another picture while I am out and about today. I am going to the clubhouse to do some uninterrupted writing on my stories. And some uninterrupted reading, too.

Well, I still have a few things to do before I go, so I’m going to end with saying that my life seems to be picking up from a few months ago, and I am glad! I feel like I finally belong in Florida instead of having been dragged along because I had no choice. I have a life here now, and I’m loving every second of it.


Sinuses and Other Things that are Things

Yep, my sinuses still exist, even in Sunny Florida. The thing is the weather has been ping ponging back and forth between really warm in the 70s and 80s to really really cold to 50s and 60s. So inflamed sinuses are apparently a thing I am dealing with right now.

Yet! I have been powering through, and still doing crafts. I’ve had three great craft days in a row.

Thursday I went to a rock painting session at my favorite library. A lot of my friends from coloring club were there and we had a great time! Here are some of the pretty rocks I made. My favorite is the Starry Night inspired one!!  The purpose behind the  rock painting is to hide them. I kept these three because they were my first. Though the “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” one has been lost… not sure where it went. 2017-03-16 19.45.57

On Friday I spent the afternoon with fellow craft buddy, Jeanette, and we did some fun crafts. Most of it was on the Finger Loom and Monster Tail from Rainbow Loom, but I did convince her to pull out her sand art and I made a pretty bottle. 2017-03-17 12.18.58

This is the first pattern I followed out of a book for Rainbow Loom patterns. This is called the Double X bracelet. I’m not sure I completely like how it came out, but it was close enough to make into a bracelet. I’m going to attempt it again eventually.

2017-03-17 19.36.00

This one is called the butterfly blossoms bracelet. I like it, and I think it’s cute, but I probably wouldn’t wear it on my wrist. I might make a headband version of this one. It would look better as a headpiece, I think.

2017-03-17 19.36.15

Yesterday, I did some crafting too. I did a triple fish tail bracelet and added something new to the end of it. I added three fishtail chains to connect the ends . This was a great way to save on bands (I was running low on the colors I was using for the bracelet) and make an original design. I gave Tutorials By A credit for the original design, and then mentioned that I’d added to it to make my own. I think that was the correct protocol, anyway!  I never want to take credit for some else’s design even if I did add to it. Even when I turn them into headbands.

I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering my Rainbow Loom and all of the other looms I use. Today I am planning to start a headband for Jeanette. It’s going to take quite a few bands, but I’ve got bands coming in on Tuesday (maybe even tomorrow if I’m lucky!) .  I will keep bringing you guys pictures, and writing about my progress in learning new patterns and maybe perfecting old ones. Thanks for being here!



A Run Down

I haven’t felt up to updating for a couple of days, and I’ve had at least one good reason why. On Saturday I fell victim to a migraine that lasted all day, even with my Imetrix in my system. It was just awful! I think stress triggers mine, so I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what was stressing me out. But not spending too much time on it because of course that would just cause more stress and another migraine. Who needs that cycle? I sure don’t!

Yesterday I had my friends Jeanette and Howard over. We did some looming, and some coloring. I think Jeanette is coming over again tomorrow, but we’re not sure. I probably won’t be going to coloring because Mom and Cal are busy, and I don’t have the funds to take an Uber back and forth. Jeanette is taking her dad with her to a doctor’s appointment, so there wouldn’t be room in the truck for me, anyway.

Today have a doctor’s appointment, and I hope it goes well because I want some answers. We’ve got the x-ray on my foot and hopefully it will warrant seeing an orthopedic because I can’t stand a lot of this pain much longer. It makes it really hard to be social! Except with Jeannette, apparently. LOL.

After that my main plan is to read and do some writing and working on new character applications for Storybrooking. I’m still slowly re-adding people to the communities after Insane Journal’s melt down. It’s just a lot of work when you’ve got a billion and one characters. I added all of my Shadowhunters back to the community last night. and almost all of my Magnuses. Yes, I play multiples of characters.

Yesterday I bought a digital copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I probably shouldn’t have, but I have to be perfectly honest. I don’t regret that splurge one bit. I had been wanting to rewatch that movie for a long time. But it woke up my Newt  and Modesty muses, and so I’m hoping that others who are playing that fandom will be open to plotting with her. I know my friend Dany is already taking care of a kid that I made up named Maisie. She was named after Maisie Williams whose work I adore, even if I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I’ve seen a lot of her scenes, and she does a great job on that show. Any

Speaking of muses and RP: I finally got a muse for JJ DiMeo and Dylan DiMeo. The problem with playing JJ is that he is non-verbal, and would need his translator. Dylan would be a no-brainer. So I might bring her in, and ask in the OOC if anyone would be willing to play Kenneth for JJ. (Or someone in the game already who might want a translator job. Because Dylan would do it until someone took over).

Anyway, I’m going to get off so I can try and finish this bracelet before we leave for the doctor’s office. See you guys next time!


The Rainbow Loom Haul #2

Today marks a good day because I got mail. No, I’m serious. My mood goes way up whenever I get mail. Today was actually much more special because of the fact it was Rainbow Loom oriented. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll note I am one  hundred percent passionate about all things Rainbow Loom. So when I get to buy either new bands or new products, I’m ecstatic!

This haul, I got one of these new products, the Loomiloom! The Loomiloom gadgets are for crocheting with rubberbands, something I have been wanting to learn to do for a long while now. But to be perfectly honest, I am more excited about the hook accessory that came with it! A double ended hook! This will make making hook only bracelets much easier for me since I won’t have to take things off the hook to turn them around anymore.

I also got myself second Monster Tail, and some more bands.  These bands were all limited edition glitter. I did get some yellow, and some more jelly turquoise and teal, but I was more excited about the glitter cause I’m just that kind of person.

In this entry, I will be telling you about my initial experience using the Loomiloom, and showing off my first project on the double ended hook!

This is what the Loomiloom packaging looks like: 2017-03-10 16.16.32

I like the packaging first off because I will be able to use it to store my Loomilooms at least. I will keep my double ended hook with my other Rainbow Loom hooks for the purpose of having it handy when I’m not doing loomgurumi (crocheting with rubber bands). But still, if I wanted to, I could keep everything right in that package. It’s just nice to know the option is there.

Here is a closer look at what came in that packaging:

2017-03-10 16.59.32

These are the three Loomilooms. Each one has a different number of  “fins” to fit the size of the Magic Ring you need for a project. In this case, it’s 4, 5, and 6.

2017-03-10 16.59.46

This is the double ended crochet hook I was talking about. It’s actually a little tinier than I thought when watching some of the tutorials on the Loomiloom. But the hook depth is nice, and so are the removable grips.

An instruction booklet also came with the package, but I do better with video tutorials so I’ll probably just use those when I can find  good ones that go slow enough. Jordantine1 is really good about slowing down for us.

So. My first experience with the Loomilooms themselves was a bit frustrating. But I’m not surprised. It requires some good hand eye coordination, something I really don’t have a lot of with my disability, but I am going to keep practicing with it until I get it right. I can’t move on to actual band crocheting until I can make a magic ring!  But I will say that the tool does it’s job. It is a lot easier than trying to do this magic ring on the regular hook. I just need to figure out how to adapt it to my skill ability. I will, because I did for other Rainbow Loom projects. I think in the end this will be a test in occupational therapy for me.

I did manage to make a small first project on the double ended hook though! This project may not seem like much to you guys, but it means everything to me because I was able to do it with some patience. Here it is: 2017-03-10 17.20.29

It looks kinda like a four leaf clover, but if you look closer you’ll see there are five petals. It’s a flower charm. ^^

Well, that’s it for my review of the Loomiloom and my Rainbow Loom Haul. Tomorrow I am hoping to have more progress with it. And I’ll keep you updated as I progress and learn! Thanks for being here, and I’ll see you next time!