The Stomach Bug and Some Thoughts

I lost an entire day on writing and Rainbow Looming yesterday because I had a pretty bad stomach bug. I don’t know if it was a real thing or if my body went into shock from the bad news I’d gotten the night before. Either way, it was pretty awful, and I felt awful.

When I couldn’t sleep last night I started thinking about how I could better the business. The things I came up with were thus:

  • Advertise by wearing. I do this already, but maybe I need to wear more of my newer designs, and less of my older ones.
  • Refresh the shop with fresh designs. Put newer designs in the shop. I will work on this this weekend.
  • Continuously learn new designs and improve upon others.

These are just some of the thoughts that crossed my mind. I am hoping that doing this will help me expand and get some sales finally. I also bought myself a Nook Book on selling on Etsy in hopes that it will give me some guidance in how to do this. I just need to take some time out to read it and not pussy foot around with it if I truly want to succeed.

Anyway, I’m going to head off here now because I have a  few other things I need to catch up on before I leave for my friend’s house. See you guys next entry.

Dealing with Chronic Pain

Today I am dealing with some aches in pains in various parts of my body. It’s pretty annoying because I have things I want to do. One of those things was working on some new headbands to put on my Etsy shop.

So what I am doing instead? Instead I am working on fan merchandise for YallWest. I am going to be able to go and represent some of my favorite fandoms. One of them is Dorothy Must Die, and I am working on a headband for the Order of the Wicked. I am using green and black to represent that.

Though I am in so much pain it is hard to focus on the headband to begin with. I am hurting in my back, legs, and most immediately, my one tooth that desperately needs a root canal that I can’t afford and insurance won’t cover. It’s throbbing like a heartbeat.

Other than that, I found out that a family member I am somewhat close to had a stroke and is in the hospital in a medically induced coma. It’s not looking good, and I’m not sure even sure I’ll be able to say goodbye.

There’s not much else to say right now, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something for tomorrow.

Amazing News Everyone!

After some careful consideration, I have decided to re-open my Etsy shop which sells crafts, but most of all, my Rainbow Loom bracelets and headbands!

This comes after a long talk with my mom, and Jeanette about how I don’t mind making the bracelets, but honestly, i am running out of storage for all of them, and while I’d like to keep some I’ve already given some of them away to friends and family to make room for newer designs. But I also have the desire to sell newer items that I have perfected my progress on.

So I hope you guys will help me get the word out! The name of the shop is Rainbow Bridge Custom Accessories! You can click the link above and it will take you to my shop. All of my designs are color and size customizable! Enjoy them, and come back here and let me know what you think!

A Run Down

I haven’t felt up to updating for a couple of days, and I’ve had at least one good reason why. On Saturday I fell victim to a migraine that lasted all day, even with my Imetrix in my system. It was just awful! I think stress triggers mine, so I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what was stressing me out. But not spending too much time on it because of course that would just cause more stress and another migraine. Who needs that cycle? I sure don’t!

Yesterday I had my friends Jeanette and Howard over. We did some looming, and some coloring. I think Jeanette is coming over again tomorrow, but we’re not sure. I probably won’t be going to coloring because Mom and Cal are busy, and I don’t have the funds to take an Uber back and forth. Jeanette is taking her dad with her to a doctor’s appointment, so there wouldn’t be room in the truck for me, anyway.

Today have a doctor’s appointment, and I hope it goes well because I want some answers. We’ve got the x-ray on my foot and hopefully it will warrant seeing an orthopedic because I can’t stand a lot of this pain much longer. It makes it really hard to be social! Except with Jeannette, apparently. LOL.

After that my main plan is to read and do some writing and working on new character applications for Storybrooking. I’m still slowly re-adding people to the communities after Insane Journal’s melt down. It’s just a lot of work when you’ve got a billion and one characters. I added all of my Shadowhunters back to the community last night. and almost all of my Magnuses. Yes, I play multiples of characters.

Yesterday I bought a digital copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I probably shouldn’t have, but I have to be perfectly honest. I don’t regret that splurge one bit. I had been wanting to rewatch that movie for a long time. But it woke up my Newt  and Modesty muses, and so I’m hoping that others who are playing that fandom will be open to plotting with her. I know my friend Dany is already taking care of a kid that I made up named Maisie. She was named after Maisie Williams whose work I adore, even if I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I’ve seen a lot of her scenes, and she does a great job on that show. Any

Speaking of muses and RP: I finally got a muse for JJ DiMeo and Dylan DiMeo. The problem with playing JJ is that he is non-verbal, and would need his translator. Dylan would be a no-brainer. So I might bring her in, and ask in the OOC if anyone would be willing to play Kenneth for JJ. (Or someone in the game already who might want a translator job. Because Dylan would do it until someone took over).

Anyway, I’m going to get off so I can try and finish this bracelet before we leave for the doctor’s office. See you guys next time!


Good Morning!

Slept like a log last night after going to bed decently early. I love when I sleep good, because it means I can handle most of my waking hours. Today I am planning to work on the site a bit to try and get it ready for when I make my new domain. I can’t do it until this one expires, I think.

Woke up to a plethora of good news to share, too. Which is also a good thing for me since we’ve had a run of bad luck over here in  Florida. Last night, I went up another wrung on the credit ladder and was able to get a credit line through Pay Pal. This will help me with some purchases that I want to make that won’t be out of my actual bank account.

I also finished paying off FingerHut where I had bought my FitBit. So I will have 23.00 more dollars a month for a while until I decide to pull the trigger on my own laptop, which, even though Mom has insisted I can have her laptop, I don’t feel right taking it from her.

The other good news was that the book trailer for The End of Oz, the fourth Dorothy Must Die book by Danielle Paige, was online. The trailer makes everything seem so final and epic. I am glad I still have the Novellas to read. I am hoping that no one important dies in this book. I might have to devastated.  I won’t talk about who. That’s for you to find out by reading the series.

The Nintendo Switch came out yesterday. I am already hearing about bugs so I am glad I have to wait on it. I am hoping by the time I have the credit/money to buy it that the bugs will be fixed and that I can play Splatoon 2 without any issues. I wonder if there will be a new Mario game included with this system. I disliked the Mario Wii U game so much. I hope the Switch version is much more friendly to my reflexes. Here’s hoping.

Speaking of Nintendo! I played some Splatoon last night, and man did I get pissed off. I was supposed to be playing with my friend Anthony, but he never came on due to an error on Discord’s part. But meanwhile, I kept getting squidbagged by these punks. Ugh. It was so annoying. I only played 2 or 3 rounds because I got that upset. I actually rage quit because I don’t like playing when people are squid bagging. It’s just not fun for those being squid bagged. Oh! I should probably say what squid bagging is. It’s when you get driven to your home court and kept there because the entire other team has gathered there. Really a nasty tactic and should be illegal in the game honestly, but no one else seems to think so, so I guess I’m alone on that.

So far, my plans for today do not include being on my feet a ton because I will be on my feet all day tomorrow. We’re going to the Renaissance Festival in Tampa. I get to spend some time with my niece. Yay!  Today needs to be low key for that reason.

I will probably spend my day in the craft room, trying to make a few more pencil, hook grips as well as finally getting my tie-dye Heart of the Dragon Scale headband done. The Rainbow Loom has been very therapeutic for me both physically and emotionally. I’ve been stress looming a lot.  You know, instead of stress eating.  Probably better to use up bands then to use up food. I have head bands to make for my aunt, and I’ll probably start working on that today, too. I made one for my friend Jeanette who asked for one. I will also be giving her a hair tie with a bow  that I made.

I will take pictures of some of my recent projects and post them with my next entry because I did promise that I would do that. Anyway, I’m going to go. Time to have a little cottage cheese and finish up making my bed. See you guys later!



The Changes Start Now

It’s a little late, but I thought: You know, you were supposed to start blogging regularly again on Creative Chaos, and you didn’t. So here is what you can expect now. Daily updates unless extenuating circumstances arise for me.

More pictures of my more current Rainbow Loom projects because I’ve been discovering new patterns every day for the last few months.

A detailed day by day chronicle of my visit to California at the end of April.

Random things. Sometimes I won’t write about anything overly relevant. But you have to remember that even things that will seem irrelevant to you will be completely relevant to my life in that moment when I write about it.

What you won’t find is me bashing my family. Yes, they will be mentioned. Sometimes they will even be talked about out of frustration, but I will always preface it with something like, “I’m just ranting” or “this happened today, yesterday, a few days ago..etc”.  My family is very important to me,  and if I am mad at them in the moment,  then that’s okay, but I won’t be hating on them. Most likely I’ll be looking for advice sometimes too.

Creative Chaos One Year Later

Well, if I said my blogging habit has gotten better over the year, I’d be lying to you, and myself. Truthfully, I’m disappointed in myself.I had hoped that having a blog that chronicled my creative tendencies would be enough to keep me writing about them.

No such luck. When things fell through last September for the flea market, and then finding out I had to fix my business a bit, I took a self-esteem hit, and just being on the site for anything other than my RPing pages was all I could manage. I let the blog slide.

And honestly, I haven’t found anything ground breaking to warrant a full length entry.  Currently, I am in the middle of a move, but once the move is over, I am planning to get back on top of the blog, though it may come back in a form that is a little more generic than this. I feel like it’s time to just use the blog to express my thoughts on varying topics. So while there will be crafty and creative entries from time to time, I think my time is better served writing what I feel like writing and not forcing it.