A Little Hiatus is Coming

Hello friends. I haven’t written for a while for a great number of reasons, but the biggest reason has to do with Camp NaNoWriMo. I spent this whole month working on a brand new novel that I will be taking about more at length as I go through finishing and re-organizing it and then editing it for it’s first Alpha read through.

April also marked my read-a-thon where I try to read as many books as I can. Now that Camp NaNoWriMo is over that’s what I’ll be focusing on. So far I have finished 1 book in April, and it was a novella. Now I am making an extra push to finish The Circle by Dave Eggers since I will be seeing that movie when it comes out.

In between those two things I have spent the month and really the last week, preparing for my journey to California! This will be the farthest plane ride I have ever taken, and I’m nervous about it. But the biggest thing is to be prepared. And I am. I have everything I need to make security check with the TSA easy. I won’t wear any socks that day just so I can slide my shoes on and off, I’ll do deep breathing. Hopefully the TSA agents will be pleasant.

I have big plans for California  and it looks like most of them will come to fruition if not all of them. Disneyland is out, but I will be going to Universal Studios. We’ll see some of the Stars on the Walk of Fame, I’ll be able to go to Rodeo drive, and see the hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed.  So many awesome things!

I’ll try and write notes in my offline journal so that I can record them here for all of you guys, pictures included. I know I haven’t posted a lot of pictures lately. Sorry about that. I’ve been really bad about doing pictures lately.

That’s all I have for this post. I’ll see you guys in May!!

Bullying Part 2….and a wee bit of fangirling

So I decided I wasn’t going to let these women tell me how to live my life (or in this case, how to dress). The things they were worried about are all cleared up now, and I won’t be seeing them anymore as of tomorrow so it’s a moot point, really.

Rumikub will probably resume for me as of next week. We’ll see how I feel about that. If not, I can still use the club house after Wednesday to do my April writing. I am not expecting to run into anyone from there after that. Am I avoiding the situation, yes. But this is what works best for me.

A friend of mine had the best idea in the world, I might act on it. She wants me to write a letter to these ladies using Victoria’s voice. You will remember that Victoria is my alter ego. The other me that doesn’t hold back when it comes to defending people. Well, she “defends” me by making me think in terms I never would ordinarily.

So writing a letter to these ladies in her voice would allow me to get the anger and hurt out without causing more problems in the future. I might do this exercise when I come back from coloring club  today. Or I might hold off. I’ve found I’m not as angry as I was. Today’s going to be a good day, and I don’t want to spoil it by thinking about something that happened over the weekend.

So what’s s good about today? Today is the day I’ve been waiting for since November 2016! Today, the bluray of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be delivered to my mailbox!  I haven’t written in here extensively about my fandoms because even though I have changed directions, this is still a blog, but I can’t escape this one, so…

I am big Harry Potter fan. I’m not as big as some, and I’ve only seen two Harry Potter movies multiple times (not on purpose. It’s just that I get easily distracted!), but I love the books, love the movies. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, JK Rowling’s latest extension of the wizarding world is going to be one of those that I will inevitably watch over and over because it’s an amazingly done film. I’ve already seen it twice. Once in theaters than on my digital copy from Google Play. So being able to watch it on Bluray and have the behind the scenes bonus features is going to be great.

This movie actually made an Eddie Redmayne fan out of me, so I’ve made it my mission to see as many of his movies as I can, starting with the first one where I ever heard his name, The  Theory of Everything, the Stephen Hawking movie.  I know he’s been in more than two movies so it will take some research to find them all if they are all available in the States since he’s a British actor, a fact that my friend Terri let loose last night. (I’m not mad, I’m elated. Another new British actor to fawn over? Yes please!)

So I have that to look forward to today after coloring club, and maybe it will be just what I need to pick my mood up even more. While I am doing better everything I’ve been told since the weekend has been eating at me. I refuse to entertain those thoughts and words any longer. Victoria wouldn’t let it get to her with all the friends she has, and I am going to be among friends here in an hour and a half. It’s time to woman-up, and be strong.


Drowsy Day

Today is going to be one of those days where I am drowsy and out of it most of the day. I slept very little last night due things I don’t wish to discuss. I finally took a melatonin pill around 2am to force myself to sleep.

I got woken up about four hours later by the cat who demanded her soft food. Fed her and went right back to bed until about 8. That was fine. I didn’t intend to sleep all day today, anyway.

I’m trying to get a hold of Jeanette to see if she wants to try and hang out today. Either at her place or mine. I’m not too picky at this point. Personally? I’d rather go over there. There’s nothing for me here.

Correction. Just heard from her and it looks like I’m going to doing things solo today. Not going to explain because it’s not my place. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit upset about it. But I should see Jeanette on Tuesday if everything goes alright. We’ll find out, and I’ll keep you guys posted.

So my focus today should be finishing my glittery dragon scale “chain mail” headband, trying to get the border of my Thomas Kincade Disney puzzle done, and just relaxing since today is going to be mostly a down day. We’ll see what happens.

Going to get off here, finish the dishes and work on some of that now.  Talk to you guys soon.



So frustrated with myself, my body, whatever else I can blame for my current state of affairs. Went to the doctor this morning as those of you who read my previous blog know.  The news wasn’t good. I have so many referrals and appointments to make, and I’m not looking forward to any of them.

First and foremost we got to the bottom of my foot issue. I have a bunion on the bone of my right big toe. This is probably going to require a surgical removal. I’m not doing that until after my vacation to California.

THEN. Then, he pulls out my blood test results for Mom. Just hearing it all again gets me upset and depressed. Higher than normal cholesterol, very  high levels of blood sugar. It just doesn’t make sense with everything I’ve done. But I have to remind myself these were before I started making all the changes. Yet, I’m going to make the final push to eating healthier, leaner foods. I have to. I wish I had stuck with it when I was eating healthier last Summer, but that’s okay.  I will make that push again. This  time because I have to, not because I want to. I need to save myself. I don’t want to die early.

I just feel like I have to start all over and I’m tired of doing that. What did I even do to deserve this? I’ve been a mostly healthy eater my whole life . I have a few food vices, but who doesn’t? Currently, I don’t feel like I am good at anything healthy. Everything I want to do I can’t cause there is something in the food I’m not supposed to have. I wonder what our ancestors did to prevent diabetes and other food related health issues. Hmm.

I’m just ranting and raving this entry. I’m going to be okay. I just needed to put my feelings down somewhere, and I consider my blog my safe space.


A Run Down

I haven’t felt up to updating for a couple of days, and I’ve had at least one good reason why. On Saturday I fell victim to a migraine that lasted all day, even with my Imetrix in my system. It was just awful! I think stress triggers mine, so I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what was stressing me out. But not spending too much time on it because of course that would just cause more stress and another migraine. Who needs that cycle? I sure don’t!

Yesterday I had my friends Jeanette and Howard over. We did some looming, and some coloring. I think Jeanette is coming over again tomorrow, but we’re not sure. I probably won’t be going to coloring because Mom and Cal are busy, and I don’t have the funds to take an Uber back and forth. Jeanette is taking her dad with her to a doctor’s appointment, so there wouldn’t be room in the truck for me, anyway.

Today have a doctor’s appointment, and I hope it goes well because I want some answers. We’ve got the x-ray on my foot and hopefully it will warrant seeing an orthopedic because I can’t stand a lot of this pain much longer. It makes it really hard to be social! Except with Jeannette, apparently. LOL.

After that my main plan is to read and do some writing and working on new character applications for Storybrooking. I’m still slowly re-adding people to the communities after Insane Journal’s melt down. It’s just a lot of work when you’ve got a billion and one characters. I added all of my Shadowhunters back to the community last night. and almost all of my Magnuses. Yes, I play multiples of characters.

Yesterday I bought a digital copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I probably shouldn’t have, but I have to be perfectly honest. I don’t regret that splurge one bit. I had been wanting to rewatch that movie for a long time. But it woke up my Newt  and Modesty muses, and so I’m hoping that others who are playing that fandom will be open to plotting with her. I know my friend Dany is already taking care of a kid that I made up named Maisie. She was named after Maisie Williams whose work I adore, even if I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I’ve seen a lot of her scenes, and she does a great job on that show. Any

Speaking of muses and RP: I finally got a muse for JJ DiMeo and Dylan DiMeo. The problem with playing JJ is that he is non-verbal, and would need his translator. Dylan would be a no-brainer. So I might bring her in, and ask in the OOC if anyone would be willing to play Kenneth for JJ. (Or someone in the game already who might want a translator job. Because Dylan would do it until someone took over).

Anyway, I’m going to get off so I can try and finish this bracelet before we leave for the doctor’s office. See you guys next time!


Early Morning Musings

So I woke up around 5 this morning. I think it’s because I went to bed so early. I’m okay with it, really. I like when I can wake up not tired.

I woke up thinking about my tinker world novel. This was my interpretation of Steampunk, and I rather liked it. It just never went anywhere. This something I’d like to fix. I’ll add it to a growing list of novels I’ve had in the air for a while.

The thing with me is that I tend to get bored working on just one project. I’d make an awful professional author, I think. You know the ones who have deadlines for a specific book? It’s probably a good thing I am self-published.

I abhor writing on deadlines. That’s probably why I ended up quitting the paper here at Meadow Oaks. I was just done. Every time I turned around something wasn’t going right, and I just got frustrated. I’m definitely more of a write when the mood strikes type person.

That’s probably another reason why traditional, “update your blog this number of times a week” formats didn’t work for me. Which is why I switched to this method, and so far it’s working out much better.

Time for me to get to work on some small chores before my friends get here to pick me up for coloring club and an afternoon of fun! Will write more about this later. 🙂


A Lazy Kinda Day

Today was just so-so compared to yesterday. But I guess when you’re in pain, that’s how is , in general. Yesterday was a lot of fun, though. I don’t regret having suffered through it. I had a lot of fun with my niece Julia, and we really shared some fun conversation, and silly moments, like when we tried on these faery hats. 17103486_10211836345880870_8933578459032197071_n

Today, I helped Dad with washing the car for as long as I could prior to having to lay down to due Mother Nature and a migraine coming after me all at once. That was Mom’s idea, really.

Oh! And I got some new Rainbow Loom bands to work with. I got these really cool Fantasia ones that I am sure that my friend in California will love so I might order her some, too.   The tie-dye pack I got was very different from the ones I normally get so I will have to explore those, and perhaps have more slots available. Watch, I will need to get another band organizer before long. There is no end to how many bands I can collect with so many different varieties out there!

I did work on some new projects today, though most of them I wound up taking a part due to not doing them correctly or not feeling well enough to stay focused. Maybe tomorrow will be a much better day for that. We’ll have to see. I also only have a week left to read the last of my second reading of Divergent by Veronica Roth before the last Dorothy Must Die book comes out by Danielle Paige. So I will need to do some reading tomorrow. I also want to read some of The Magicians and The Circle. So that will probably be my plan tomorrow.

I am supposed to go to Coloring Club tomorrow, but I think the only coloring I will be doing will be at home, if  I feel up to it, and if  I can get the motivation. I’ve been not feeling well for two or three weeks now, and the energy I need is just not there. I managed last week, but this week is a bit different.

Anyway, I’m going to get off and go to bed. I hope you guys had a good day! I’ll try and write earlier in the day tomorrow!