Storybrooking List

Name username Fandom
Aaron Stewart reluctant_makar Magisterium
Adam Park ninjafrogpower Power Rangers
Aisha Campbell ninjabearpower Power Rangers
Aj Anderson rollerderbybaby AIB
Alexander Sterling immortal_goth Vampire Kisses
Alice Kingsleight alittlecurious Burton’s Wonderland
Allison aka Teacup lil_teacup 5th Wave
Amy Gumm salvation_amy Dorothy Must Die
Angel wingsofadove Maximum Ride
Anna-Kat Otto lil_annakat American Housewife
Auggie Matthews adorableauggie GMW
Avaric Tenmeadows _Avaric_ Wicked
Baz Pitch hisfrienemy Fangirl
Ben Parish sergeant_zombie 5th Wave
Bronwwyn Bruntley adorablystrong Miss P’s
Brynhilde Bjorgman imnotlikeyou Descendants
Cassopeia “Cassie” Sullivan may_fly 5th Wave
Chessur diffrentreality Burton’s Wonderland
Christopher Lightwood absent_minded Shadowhunter Chronicles
Claire Densmore littlepeculiar Miss P’s
Claire Densmore smallpeculiar Miss P’s
Claudia nightsweetprnc Vampire Chronicles
Dillon ihategrinders Power Rangers
Farkle Minkus farkle_time GMW
Finn Abbott yourtomorrow All Our Yesterdays
Fiona Frauenfeld bendstoherwill Miss P’s
Frankie Wong bizzardfrankie Bizaardvark
Gabriel Lightwood bemytutor Shadowhunter Chronicles
Grace Russell magicofgrace Good Witch
Iggy blindnotout Maximum Ride
inverse!Alec learn2relax Shadowhunter Chronicles
Inverse!Simon badassbassist Shadowhunter Chronicles
Inverted!Magnus Bane newfoundmagic Shadowhunter Chronicles
Jake Portman protectpeculiar Miss P’s
James Herondale Jamie_herondale Shadowhunter Chronicles
Jane Volturi painfulillusion Twilight
Jasper Hale Jasper_whitlock Twilight
Jay toughsoftie Descendants
Jem Carstairs silentnomore Shadowhunter Chronicles
Jessica Stark (Maximoff) Third_Twin_Jess MCU
Joanne Jefferson hatemessbutluvu Rent
Joey Rooney whatishappening Liv and Maddie
John Young tomorrow_John The Tomorrow People
Jonathan Cartwright nephil_by_birth Shadowhunter Chronicles
Julian Blackthorn protectiveofher Shadowhunter Chronicles
Julian Blackthorn kepthemtogether Shadowhunter Chronicles
Katy Cooper littlemissdiva AIB
Kit Herondale hiddennephilim Shadowhunter Chronicles
Kristy Thomas mygreatidea BSC
Magnus Bane glitterlock Shadowhunter Chronicles
Magnus Bane ny_high_warlock Shadowhunter Chronicles
Mallory Pike eldestpikegirl BSC
Marcella Jefferson-Johnson theirlittlediva Rent
Mark Blackthorn nephilfae Shadowhunter Chronicles
Millard Nullings peculiararchive Miss P’s
Modesty Barebone lilwitchmodesty Harry Potter
Newt Scamander n_scamander Harry Potter
Nick Russell firemystic Power Rangers
Nor Tiglaar winkie_princess Wicked
Nox our_fighter Dorothy Must Die
Nudge thenudgechannel Maximum Ride
Pietro Maximoff Quicktempered MCU
Roger Davis 1_song_glory Rent
Ron Weasley im_doomed Harry Potter
Rumpelstiltskin goldnewleaf OUAT
Sebastian Verlac the_real_seb Shadowhunter Chronicles
Simon Lewis SexyVampireMojo Shadowhunter Chronicles
Simon Lovelace browneyedarcher Shadowhunter Chronicles
Snow White Smallsnowflake OUAT
Sue Heck perkypositivity The Middle
Tiberius Blackthorn Notthattype Shadowhunter Chronicles
Tom Collins willcoveryou Rent
Tommy Oliver WhiteTigerpower Power Rangers
Trent Fernandez-Mercer WhiteDinoPower Power Rangers
TV!Alec Lightwood Ivegotyourback Shadowhunter Chronicles
TV!Jace Wayland no_thank_you Shadowhunter Chronicles
TV!Simon Lewis justamundie Shadowhunter Chronicles
Vida Rocca airmystic Power Rangers
Will Herondale firstherondale Shadowhunter Chronicles
Ziggy Grover immapowerranger Power Rangers

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